Bruce Serbin from Serbin Media makes false claim


Bruce Serbin has been warned several times to remove a video clip of my appearance on the Today Show.Bruce Serbin has received letters from my attorney to remove my appearance off his website, to date he refuses to do so.

I do not endorse Bruce Serbin or Serbin Media in anyway, and he has not been grated my permission to use my name, video's, or print advertisement to bolster his business.

Bruce Serbin is claiming responsibility for an appearance I had on this show and others.Please note, I do not endorse his services so anyone who see the video on his site needs to know I have not given him permission to use my name, my fame, or reputation to build his credentials.

Review about: Media Relations.


Topeka, Kansas, United States #924983

I don't put much stock in a complaint filed by someone who fails to give us their name.If Bruce has gotten so far, and stayed up there for so long, it's amazing there's only one complaint.

That says more for his outstanding reputation than one an unnamed critic.I'd say that critic is more a horsefly at a picnic than any real threat.


I have worked with Bruce Serbin for the past 6 years and I can tell you, as someone with personal knowledge to this complaint, that it is a lie.Bruce is the best publicist I have ever worked with, and I've worked with some of the top-ranked publicists in New York City.

Getting on the Today Show as an outsider is nearly impossible, and Bruce has consistently placed me on one national show after another. I know who filed this complaint and I can tell you without a doubt that Bruce booked her on the Today Show, along with many other national media placements. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Bruce Serbin and Serbin Media.

He is the best in the business.

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